Happiness Money Can Buy

Tuesday, December 02, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

e all find pleasure in different things.  Sometimes I find it in when I have a “me time,” just me, myself, and I, doing my own thing, taking care of myself without worries about my teens, dogs, boyfriend, and work (yes, in that order).  Sometimes I find it when I am busy doing my chores, taking my daughter back and forth to volleyball, watching her play, for example.  Even grocery shopping makes me happy.  I know, weird.

But yesterday, this put a big laugh on my face. After a busy day at work (low census but sick patients minus secretary, so I had to come out of my isolation room with a patient with infection, took my isolation gear off, washed hands, answered the phone--multiple times) I so needed this laugh. Watch the video below on my dog Velvet’s reaction to her jacket.

Happiness Money Can Buy

Some source of happiness does not have to take much time or cost.  It can be found in the simplest activities in life such as spending time with your dogs. Well maybe it can cause you an adoption fee at the start and then you can have a limitless source of emotional support and happiness.

Have a nice Tuesday folks.

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