Another week of thankful
It's simple yet not bashful 
I made a dreamboard1 to store
Vision to inspire me and much more

My therapist showed me a cartoon2
Of a man walking to the sun
Where the sun represents fun
Besides his load, his life goes on

That makes me think and inspired
Of challenges on my sight that's not light
I can accept them and recognize
They are not just hell but part of life

I had some good things I enjoyed this week
Like this combo meal3 at work that was cheap
Burger with sauteed mushrooms and onions
With added sweet potato fries and a drink

It also came with salad
From the open salad bar
For just five bucks that is not bad
They were all good, I was so glad

One day I had a headache
It was more than I could take
So then I took a long break
Drank some frap4 and had some cake

At home to soothe some tension
I gave my face its needed attention
A mud mask5 to help my complexion
It was so soothing as I put it on

What is better than a dessert?
But more than one and unlimited6
We could choose anything we wanted 
Isle of Casino had a lot of choices

We also attacked the crabs7
For all-you-can-eat deal that's just fab
We paid 70 dollars for 4 of us
And it went to fundraising8, that's a great plus

That's not all we did of course
We also spent some time outdoors9 
Going to the park after doing chores
To watch a family of birds and more

It was also a time to take my dogs10
To a different park for a change
Look at them being silly and strange
As I rested on the bench and they played

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Vision Dream Board

dream board

I say, "Fake it till I make it"
My vision is dreamy, I admit
Will I be able to submit
Can I perform and commit?

I will do it, not just try
Little by little, I'll get by
I will be strong and won't cry
I will get help from up high

My dream board is pure, I am sure
Am I strong enough or mature?
I have my doubts and feel unsure
But each day I smile, and say, "Bonjour"

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Seven O'clock Shift

Sunday Scribbling, nurse, nurse's life,For years I have worked at 7, either 7 in the morning or seven at night when I started working in a nursing home as a nurse's aide, and through February 2016 as a registered nurse. I would say, since I was 19. I am 45 now, so do the math.
It is the beginning of my self-sufficiency when I could support myself, pay for my rent, car payments, food, and tuition in the community college. It is when I started my shift as an aide in the nursing home. I wore all-white then—bright white, ironed, uniform in the beginning of the shift, and wrinkled at the end. I had a special cleanser for my white working shoes, and a polisher with a matching brush. I was so neat. Now I hardly clean the top of my Dansko shoes I wear all day in the hospital. I also do not own a shoe brush for a long time now. I even do not iron my scrubs. Thank goodness for a good clothes dryer. My royal blue uniform comes out wrinkle-free, well almost.

We had some interesting residents in my first job in the nursing home. One, I remember because he was so handsome. He looked like Bruce Willis, and even with amputated legs (he lost his legs from the war) he sat up so tall in his bed in good posture—stomach in, chest out. He was always sitting up when I get to work, waiting to get help to sit on the wheelchair for his breakfast. Always with his smile on his face, I help him first. He always won the first-smile-first serve of the day when it comes to me. He brightened my day. 

Another resident I cannot forget was the skinny little lady who I could not figure out how to please. She was always grumpy and unsatisfied. I bet she had a busy, controlled life when she was younger and just frustrated living in the nursing home too weak to fend for herself. Looking back, I think she was so cute. 

Both residents did not get visitors. I worked in that nursing home for four years and both of them did not get visits from anyone but the staff and volunteers. I tried to spend as much time as I could with this two however different they were with each other. I miss those years. I miss them.

Now, in the ICU, as a registered nurse, it is not common to bond with patients as before. My patients generally do not stay long enough in the intensive care which is a good thing. A few comeback walking to our units  weeks or months later to give gratitude. I love these times. And I love to see them vertical and not lying down in our bed with all kinds of monitors, and tubes inserted in many orifices. They have big smiles on their faces. They make my week.

I do not work at 7 anymore. I start at 10 a.m. and leave at 7:30 p.m. working 9 hours a day, four times a week. It still adds as 36 hours a week, and so my little blog's title  remains the same – 36 Hour Work Week.

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Simple Pleasures

ttot, gratitude blog, reasons to be thankful

Eggs Benedict breakfast1 to start my day
With Paul,2 my love, in this cafe
Gives me reason to smile and think okay
I would face the challenges that gets my way

Memorial Day we had some barbecue3
Overlooking my front yard with weedy view
I should be thankful, ignore the blues
At least I've got great food to chew

We also had some Carvel ice cream cake4
Small-size, so good, we shared and ate
And then I had a time with daughter5
Just me and her, we had a date

The Amazon Prime I use for music6
Is nice to listen to when stuck in traffic
Songs of all kinds, name it, they have it
Be it the 80s, 90's, or classic

The New York Times I have in Audible7

I get for free to listen to
It fits me right staying cheap and simple
And saves me time as I eat on the table

A slice of pizza8 from my store Costco

Enough for lunch with my free cocoa
They always have some freebie drinks
To gulp with whatever food I pick

To end my evening, I have some wine9
You know the red, that tastes so fine
It helps me calm my nerves on nights
When happiness fades and my smile dries

Piece by piece, the parts together10
Makes a fine week, in random order
It's not the best week of my life
But it's complete, with small highlights

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No, Thank You

I finally nailed the headstand pose
The master pose in the yoga world
I was excited and asked Paul to join
But he answered, "no I cannot join"

I asked him why he did not want to
He replied, "that pose is hard to do."
And then I farted, quite unexpected
"That's another reason" he laughed and said

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