Food That Boosts Mood, Makes You Happy

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hat food makes me happy?  That is easy.

However, before I answer this question, I want to enumerate the food Cosmopolitan says boosts people’s mood.

Food that boosts mood

1. Dark Chocolate
2. Salmon
3. Spinach
4. Chicken
5. Tofu

6. Avocado
7. Greek Yogurt
8. Green Tea
9. Berries
10. Sushi

Okay, I added the sushi.  Sushi makes me HAPPY.  This will be my last meal before I hit the death chamber.

Foods that make me happy sushi
Sushi (and seaweed salad) last week.
Coincidentaly, I eat all the food from the list above as part of my regular diet.  Really.  Check my food logging posts.  Maybe those food (and therapy) are the ones that keep me a step away from taking antidepressants with my mild (still mild, I hope) depression.

Talking about favorite foods, my dog Velvet has her own list to share.  One thing she likes is . . . You guess.  Ay naku, I caught her in this video as I filmed the Canadian geese on their end-of-year open meeting at Lakewood pond.  (The cacophony of their chats overwhelmed all of us.  My dogs refrained from doing their usual chasing-the-geese away thing.  As we were greatly outnumbered, they were smart enough to not to go after the birds).

So what do you think? What did my naughty dog eat?  Hint, it's not the kind that makes humans happy.

dog playing with stuff toy
Lastly, as Velvet-my-dog like to say,
have a nice dogsy
Wednesday, peeps


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