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Seeking for peace and guidance

I, Carin, an exhausted parent of two strong-willed teens, have been chosen to become the strongest mother, among all the other parents with defiant teens.

I will be everything parents ever dreamed of.

Patient. Strong. Intelligent. Perfect.

I will make the silver bullets. I will shoot the bad angels surrounding my children.

I will know what to do everytime they run away, or what to say and do  so they do not run away.

I will protect them.

I will stop them from getting in trouble. . . 

But I am not patient. I am not strong. I do not always know what to do. And I am imperfect.

Deep inside, I feel crushed.

Why isn't he home? He has been gone for three nights.

What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

I did it again. I failed my son.

You see, my son left home again. My son who is a chronic runner, who was doing good staying put since summer. He ran away again.

He left on Wednesday night following a heated argument between me and him. It started with the issue of taking the dogs out to go potty. So ridiculous.

How do I cope?

After wiping my tears, I grab my rosary every day (or my virtual rosary group in the form of an app). This rosary is my crutch and support, for this difficult time.

I have done what I know I should do—try to locate/message/call him and his friends. Report to the authorities.

After all that, I could cry a lot, or pray, or say the rosary. But today, I choose to do the last two.

Mother Mary, help me and my son find comfort.

And while you are praying for us, please include the family of the innocent people murdered by a couple in San Bernardino, California

Help us.


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Suzy Mae
December 6, 2015 at 1:14:00 PM MST delete

Being a mother is hard, our hearts can break a thousand times over our children. Praying that you have a peaceful week ahead. Hugs to you.


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