Pumpkin Pie

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It is not so busy at work today.  We almost closed the north side of our unit in Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  However, because we had two extra patients, two of us nurse, had to keep the north side open.

 Ordinarily, the ratio was one nurse to two critically ill patients.  Nevertheless, we could not leave one nurse alone in one side so there was just Kathy and I working together.

We had to coordinate our breaks, even the pee breaks, as the staff bathroom was located outside of the unit.  We normally did not want to leave a nurse alone because what if a patient crashes.  That could be common in our unit.  We managed, though, and worked well together, helping each other, and answering the phones.  My second patient did not get to the floor before our shift is over.  So, all day, we really only had two patients together.  Sweet.

“This is like how it will be when we get to the new hospital,” she said.

Our twin units (north and south), right now, has two circular structures with the nurse’s station in each center.  The new hospital ICU will have long hallways, so we lose the center nurse’s station and it will be replaced with nurse’s stations in different parts of the unit.  The nurses will be grouped with neighboring partners to support and help each other.  It can run smoothly if we get along with our designated neighbor/partner.  I am nervous for the ones who do not click together.  Hmm . . .

Kathy shared with me her sliced apples with cookie butter.  Yum.  I was not sure if this was an autumn treat but the color reminded me of pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice.  The food also reminded me of my son.  He loves pumpkin pie.  

I recently brought a big “12-inch-Costco-size” pie to a potluck. We had so much food that day; I ended up taking it home untouched.  My daughter and I slowly ate it for days until I had to throw the rest of it.  We just could not finish it.  My son would have eaten it all up, if only he was here.  

I miss my son.

Tonight I mailed him a letter explaining why I could not bring him his request—cheap old Ramen noodles.  Juvenile hall residents are not allowed to receive outside food.  Naku naman.  They can earn points for good behavior inside, though, and get items from the commissary including Ramen.

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