Training Class and Staying Awake

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

t is my day off today, well, not really.  Although I am not working, I still had to get to work for training related to learning new equipment and workflow in the new hospital.

It lasted five hours without a lunch a break.  That was too long for me.  By one o’clock, my eyes felt so heavy, I could barely keep them open.  It did not help that I forgot my cup of coffee and tea (yes, two drinks) in the first floor.  I came prepared but my forgetfulness was to blame.

Good thing I had food in my bag.  I ate a corn dog.  That worked for a few minutes.  I stayed awake. It was hard to fall asleep while eating.  Then I ate a banana, then an apple.  Then, I ran out of food. Therefore, I took my lip-gloss fruity flavor out.  Too bad, I could not eat it.

Then, the clock turned to 1:30.  Yippee.  The class was over.  I am too old for these hours-long classes.

What do you do to stay awake in class?

Nurse Sleeping in Class

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