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Friday, November 13, 2015 3 Comments A + a -

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Tree With Autumn Leaves

I had another day of court with daughter yesterday. We were just here last week. I had to go with her because she is a minor. It went okay, yet, still stressful. The judge indirectly blamed me for the two tickets she earned last summer.

How many more tickets does she have to get?”

I looked at him, and then turned my head to her standing by me. Out of frustration and irritation, I responded,

“Your honor, that should be a question to her, not to me . . . Should I lock her up In her room while I go to work and when I sleep? She is fifteen years old . . . “

After his lecture, her fine and community service will be waived if she goes to two assigned classes. We should be happy, right? But the court scene was like a nail hammered deeper into my chest. My heart aches as it is and for the judge to point out to me that I did not succeed in parenting HURTS a LOT. I left the court room with tears rolling down my cheeks. She kept asking if I was okay.

Today, I went to the park for a little walk. It awakened my senses to the beauty around me. The cold breeze slapped my face. There were no longer tears on my cheeks.

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November 14, 2015 at 10:47:00 AM MST delete

Lovely and serene image...especially in comparison to your day in court. We had a rebellious teenage daughter [eldest of three]. You can only do/say what you know is right [and be consistent]. You cannot necessarily blame their actions on yourself...they have to make their own choices [and accept responsibility for them]. They want to be treated like adults, then that's the way it goes. Don't let yourself be sent on a guilt trip... Best of Luck, Stan


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