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L ike most, I have shared my problems and seek advice from friends and relatives. On some most difficult periods in my life, I had also postponed talking to professionals due to the beliefs--I would be fine, I would get better.  And there were times that things did not get better. I avoided the issues. They either got worse or just got postponed. They did not go away.

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In four different periods in my life,  I got benefited by seeing a paid therapist on family issues, especially. As a result of seeking professional help, I managed to save myself, and learned to help my self.

I would rather talk to a therapist to ask for advice than to somebody close to me.

  1. It can be embarrassing to talk to relatives and friends about my problems.
  2. A professional is more educated to help with problems such as relationships more than my friends or family.
  3. A therapist have more experience and the advice he gives usually has worked for many individuals.
  4. A professional see my issues without bias, for example, in relationship problems compared to a dear friend who would always take my side. With a therapist, I can get help to look at my problem objectively.

Therapists can offer many benefits my loving friends may not be fitted to offer. Friends and family are great for voicing out my frustrations and fears like dear friends to listen to me and hug me.

What do you think? Have you seen a therapist for your problems? What do you like and don't like about the experience?


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