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It's OK to draw in a hurry. It still gave me the benefit of relaxation even for just seven minutes.

I'm still on my 2-week break. Normally, I would start a Sunday with listening to the Sunday mass but my daughter suggested going to church after our visit to Science and Art museum this afternoon. We could go to the Cathedral in downtown, she says, to hear the mass.

Good idea, I thought. The two buildings are both in downtown.

Among other places in the museum, we went to the exhibit on Mythical show. Here we found this unicorn. It is so beautiful and popular.

 I could not get a good shot without getting some other patron's head in the picture. So I took the picture from below, and then I sketched it standing up eye-level (almost) to the sculpture. 

unicorn art, ar, unicorn, drawing for therapy
Unicorns, a picture and a picture of my sketch

I came up with this. I had a only little more that five minutes before they closed to produce this. So I will use that as an excuse why my drawing looks rushed. :) 

Do you want to see other (and better) art? Visit this group.

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