Hot, Cold, and Court

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Hurray, it's Saturday.

Yay, it's thankful Saturday that actually falls on my day off, on my summer break.

What ten things can I think off to share with Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) group?

Well, here I go.

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Wishful thinking in a hammock
I wish I have myself hanging in a hammock somewhere having pinacolada in this hot summer day in Colorado, but at least I am able to get a two-week break from work. I am thankful for a break.

frozen yogurt, ice cream, boy
Thanks for the frozen yogurt I can eat with my son (and daughter). It was just as good.

sun, hot, summer, trees, landscape
 So what if we have to drive on a hot day to get there? I am thankful that the consecutive days of rain stopped.
I had time to experiment baking pizza from crust to sauce to toppings all from scratch that only took me thirty minutes to make from start to finish. My daughter loves it. I have made it three times already.

homemade pizza
Pretty good pizza. Not bad at all.

dragon boat festival, asian culture, outdoors, banner
It was not hot enough, so we went out to watch the Dragon Boat Festival boat race, Asian cultural dances, etc. It was a chance to get my teens exposed to my root, the Filipino culture.
To cool off a bit, we went swimming in the recreation center.

volleyball, court, gym, girls
I am thankful for this activity-- volleyball of my daughter in the gym court. She plays well.

empty, court room
Unfortunately, "the courts" also include the "court room" in my teens' routine.
It turned out well this day and we were one of two cases that day, so no long waiting.

Time to relax. I am thankful for a relaxing day. Here, my daughter snuggles, up-side-down with our poodle.

 How about you? How is your week?

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