My Favorite Cs

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

andy canes, chocolate cakes, cashews, and cookies 

Cold coffee, caffeine, with caramel crunchies

Whipped cream on top, oh how cool is that?

These are some Cs that sure makes me feel glad

(You can sing it in the tune of These are a few of my favorite things).

It's the letter C week at the Wednesday ABC group. Come join the fun.

I typed up this post as I sat in the coffee shop sipping my cold frap--caramel crunchies, whipped cream on top and all, and I thought, what if I write a super short poem about that. After all, I only have a short time of me time in between chauffeuring my teens to their activities.

So there.

You all stay cool!

Please help a teen or two play sports they love
 and keep them out of trouble. 
Contribute to fundraising here.

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