Valentine's Week Reasons to be Thankful

Saturday, February 14, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

My sweet Velvet kissing miniature-poodle Snowball.
I am sure it was not the other way around.
Take note of how she looks at him.

Paul's appreciation of my simple art to him, an image of us with the  words
What is life with all its art
compared to love I found in you.
I love you.

Forget small boxes.
This is what I received from Paul for Valentine's Day.
I love it!

My daughter's beautiful eyes.
She did not run away this week and she attended every class in school.
Not pictured here, thanks, ankle monitor.

The Valentine center piece where daughter and I sat on our Valentine's date.

The M&M guessing game contest.
I guessed 370 pieces. There were 380.
I won.
I count every single winnings in life.
Cupid for making me laugh.

A pose with Cupid who picked on me.

The crown.
I got picked as the Queen of Valentine this year from the Filipino American party.

Party parlor games.
Just watching them makes me laugh.
Here is an apple dancing game where these two siblings won.
I miss my son.  He would join games like these with my daughter a few years back.
May he steer his way back home.
He's been gone for more than a week now.

My new found hobby, water soluble colored pencil art.
It relieves my stress when I do it.

The price for me--Queen of Valentine of the year. Sweet.

May you find things to be thankful for around you.
Have a good long weekend.

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