How to Stop Being Lazy

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here I go (or not go) again, being lazy and procrastinating.  I do need a reminder.  That is why I follow some people, just like Leo Babuta, with his Zen blog.  I ripped the list below directly from his website to share with you.  I printed this list just now, and I will post it on my mirror. Who else can use a lot of motivation?
Lazy day and sitting in front of
my laptop.

How to Convince Yourself Not to Procrastinate

Leo said, when the time comes for action, instead of saying “I don’t feel like it” (or not saying anything but just following your mood), say one or more of these instead:

1.            It’s on my plan, I gotta do it.
2.            Past Me said to do it, and Future Me will thank me, so let’s do it.
3.            Once I start, I’ll be glad I did. All I have to do is take the first small step.
4.            I don’t need to decide on this, or think about it. It’s already decided.
5.            This is a compassionate act for myself. An act of love. Let’s get to the loving.
6.            I am doing this for others, to set an example for others, to make the world better.
7.            Yes, “just this once” does hurt. Let’s not fall for our old thinking traps.
8.            It’s time, let’s get to work like a pro.
Enjoying sushi and having a fun and alone time.
He added, the best writers, best athletes, best entrepreneurs … they don’t just do their work or workouts when they feel like it. When it strikes their fancy. They show up every day and get to work. That’s how you’re going to approach your decisions from now on: show up as planned and do it.

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