DIY Yogurt or Avocado Facial

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Why give yourself a facial?  

For facial massage and mask (all in a cup)
nothing added.  Then I ate the rest.
Yummy Chobani Greek Yougurt with
Facial keeps your skin fresh and glowing.  The skin being the largest organ in our body should also be nourished and nurtured just like how we feed our bodies internally.

Why do a do-it-yourself facial? 

 It can be expensive going to a salon for this treatment.  Homemade facial treatment can save money and time from driving to a spa for this service.  So why not do it yourself?  It can be easy, fun, and quite effective.  You can even do it with a friend.  In my case, I do it with my teen daughter.  It is one way we can connect.  We enjoy doing facial nights together.

This is what we did last night.

What We Used For Our Facial Session

  1. Facial cleanser.
  2. Facial exfoliator. 
  3. Facial mask for me with aging skin (Chobani Coconut Yogurt)
  4. Facial mask for teen (Avocado and honey)
  5. Pot of hot water with a pinch of sage spices
  6. Towel
  7. Wash cloth

Directions For Home Facial

  • STEP1: Cleanse face.
  • STEP 2: Steam.
My daughter’s way: Lean over the hot water with the head covered with a towel to contain the steam. Allow the skin to steam gently for up to 5 minutes (steam should feel comfortable and not burning face).

My way (safer): I used her hot water when she was done with it.  I added warm tap water and dipped my washcloth, then draped it on my face, five times to open my pores.

  • STEP 3: Exfoliate and massage gently in circular motions.  Avoid the eyes and the areas surrounding.  Rinse.
  • STEP 4: Massage the mask (avocado mixture for her, yogurt for me.  Leave on for fifteen or more minutes then rinse and dry.

That is it.  Our faces feel so refreshed, smooth, and clean.

Do you have an easy facial regimen or recipe you have tried and like?

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