What You Need to Know About Foster Home

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y son is going to a foster home!

Just a week ago, I dreaded that decision by the case worker.  Today is different.  My hope came back.  Going to a foster home may be good for my son.

I do not know many foster homes, but I know this one.  This particular specialized foster home provides residence to four troubled teenage boys.  The fourth will be my son.  I was thinking, I have two troubled teens and I struggle.  These foster parents have four, but wait, the foster dad does not work outside the home.  His wife works outside the home in a school.  They still have advantage of time compared to me—a single parent with an absent ex-husband.  They may be able to discipline my son, and the rest of the unruly and delinquent teens.

I originally thought, at this point, after my son ran away twenty times, that he should be locked down to a treatment facility.  I understand now why the caseworker decided otherwise and try the least-restrictive setting outside the home that is foster home.

I once heard that detention like the juvenile hall my son is now, can do more damage to the teens long-term.  I have not looked for studies proving this but, I, as a parent, I really prefer the most natural environment for my son.

I have met with four women form the county assigned to discuss plan of care for my son, plus the foster father and me today.  The foster father has plans laid out for my son—random urine tests, structured discipline, curfew, chores . . .

 I have seen his room.  It is clean.  My son has a full-sized bed, a study table, a small closet.  They will share with him two family dogs.  They have a basketball ring in the driveway where he can play. He likes to play basketball.  The foster dad will take him to school on Monday and to the recreation center on some days.  He will help my son find a job.  He will let me visit my son, even take him out for dinner, and take him home overnight.  I told him I am not ready for the last but I would love to take him out for dinner or go to church.

I have a good feeling about this foster home.  The atmosphere will not be like the movie below.  Remember Hotel for Dogs and the awful foster parents?

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