My Family Reunion

Thursday, January 08, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

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e have this family tradition, that at countdown, our small family stays up, watches the fireworks live or on television, and greets each other Happy New Year.  My son was at detention center the last time so he could not participate.  The first of January, I planned to take my daughter to visit my son but she ran away.  Today, on her court date, she came back to me, surprisingly, apologized to the judge, and promised to be good.  She will go back to school, she says, and follow the rules.

The judge wants to believe her.

I want to believe her.

Even she wants to believe herself, I think, with a threat of arrest and detention, if she runs away again (for the seventh time).

I took her home and then we went to detention center to visit my son.  In our own little way, we had our mini reunion in a 10 foot by 10 room for an hour.  We celebrated her come back, his last day at the juvenile detention center, and our togetherness.  Together we hoped for a new start this year.

I hope this is it.

I can only hope.

I will continue to read and seek help on parenting defiant teens.

But for now, HAPPY NEW TO US ALL. Thank you, Lord.

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