Small and Special Things to be Thankful For

Saturday, January 17, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

Here's another post of ten things I am thankful for (TToT).  I have been occupied with work, teens court hearings, daughter's school, and her volleyball.  But here, I manage to gather some pictures that either put a laugh on my face or inspired me.  There is nothing extraordinary here but they matter to me.  If I wait for only big things to be thankful for, then I would be thankful so infrequently.  I choose to appreciate positive things that come along my way, big and small.

Here they are.  

What am I thankful for?

Dangerous and wild cook books that made me laugh.
I almost thought I was in the wrong section of Tattered Book Store.

This should have been available when I was a little kid.  Maybe
then I would have learned to keep the house clean and organized.

Ice skating at the park, a focal point in the busy Denver downtown.
I watched for a bit before walking the 16th street Mall.  Daughter
and son decided not to skate but they walked along the mall too.

Watching my daughter play volleyball. She likes the sport and
I like watching her even in practice.

Simple breakfast, filling, and good for me.

Freebies at the dental office where I feel like a family.
Our family dentist knows us for years and he always asked
about how we are doing.

Roasted okra from Sprouts.  It is so weird for my kids, only I
eat it.  Yummy.

My shampoo (always refreshing) and a haircut--blunt cut all
for the first time in a long time.  Daughter says
I look like Dora.  I don't think so. I have small eyes.

Weird and ugly banana dessert.  It gave my daughter and I
something to laugh at.  (The watermelon boba smoothie is
always good, though).

Nice tea set.  It makes the ordinary tea taste lovely.

My beta fish that I started caring for since babyhood.  It is still
small but compared to a baby beta below, my fish came a long way.

If you haven't posted already . . . YOUR TURN.

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