Saturday Fun From Life of a Nurse, Volunteer, and Parent

Saturday, January 10, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

Continuing education, volunteer group
meeting, and dinner on a Saturday evening.
I have confined myself inside lately except for running chores and doing tasks I could not do remotely (online) because of the cold weather. I have been writing and reading more, cooking, cleaning . . . Yes, cleaning the house.

Anyway, today, I actually went out for pleasure with friends (co-nurses) with business combined. We, members, of the Philippine American Nurses group in the state (PNACO), usually incorporate business and pleasure to support our volunteer group.

What a great way to spend Saturday night with a meeting, continuing education,  free dinner, and mini-meeting with friends, teens-free.  (Well, was sort off free from my teen.  I dropped off daughter and boyfriend to a nearby theater).  At dinner, I enjoyed the service, the tea with lemon and honey, and the cheesecake.  

I feel so good after wards that I signed up tonight to work extra tomorrow--day shift-- in our new, and very-busy-these-days hospital.

I am energized and ready! 

How was your day?

I would love to read your comments.