Want to Laugh? Watch an Improv.

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ere is one way to be happy.  Watch an improv.
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What is an improv? 

Improv or Improvisation is a form of live comedy theatre where the plot, characters, and dialogue of a “game, story, or scene” are made just then in the moment. The comedians ask for suggestions from the crowd to get inspiration to get started.

It is so unique; you watch a performance that is made right on the spot, and because of the way it is made, there will never be another show exactly like it.  Shows like this differs from another each time.

Last night, Paul and I  watched one in a theater we have not been before.  The actors performed without a script.  We watched them act, direct themselves, plan the plot, and interact with each other all at the same time on the spot.  The director asked me what part of the history I learned in school is my favorite.

“Err, I was born in the Philippines . . . “

I looked at Paul, asking for help, but he looked away.

“So what part of the Philippine history is your favorite?”

I was starting to feel flushed.  I do not know why.  The actors would not know how to play any part of the Philippine history.  What do they know?  So, I just answered . . .


Therefore, the actors started acting silly, throwing imaginary rocks at each other and walking like apes.  I laughed hard.  Everybody did.

The show lasted forty-five minutes. They gathered more suggestions from the audience.  It was sixteen dollars well spent.  The spontaneity, entertainment, and laughter from the program lifted my spirit after a, yet another, stressful day with my teen daughter.  She had gone to the forbidden house again--a girl friend’s house whose parents supply "forbidden stuff."  Darn apples,  and Darn Eve(s) in the form of We-think-we-are-cool parents.  Anyway, I got her back and she is, again, grounded.  I should stop writing about this because I will get mad again.

Anyway, the improv made me laugh so hard.  You should see it first hand to fully experience and appreciate it. Laugh on.

Have you seen a live comedy before?

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