Keeping Warm With Soup

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Pho soup
Pho Soup
It feels like summer was just over, and then the fall came flying by, and now, it is winter.  I like seeing white snow.  Well, it makes the Christmas cards pretty, but in reality, I despise the snow.

Who loves driving in the snow?  Raise your hands.

It is so cold.  I cannot do so much outdoor stuff lately.  My thirty minute walk with my dogs is reduced to five on a below zero degree weather, for example.  I cannot grill outside, either.

So what do I do?  Warm up those cold bones of mine with soup.  

sipping soup
Paul does not think the soup is that good.
Soup is a popular meal in my household from the easy ramen to the thick soup like clam chowder.  I like to eat soup, at home or when eating out especially on a cold day.  The other night, I went to eat pho soup with Paul and my daughter.  We went to our favorite soup restaurant for piping hot pho soup.  With fresh basil leaves that looks like they have just been uprooted from the ground, crunchy mung bean sprouts, white rice noodles, thin slice of whatever we ask for—tenderloin, filet mignon . . . and well-flavored broth, this Vietnamese soup, make a complete meal.

My taste buds are happy.  My tummy is happy.  I am happy and content that I am leaning to one side just like this figurines in the restaurant.

Happy Soup eating, folks, from Carin and Paul.

It is below zero weather again today.  Let us eat more soup.

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