When Feeling Sad

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Who do you like to be with when you are feeling sad?

Silly man sticking tongue out, and a lady
Paul is so silly, I have to laugh.

  1. Soul mate. One of my favorite old songs, I sang over and over with Karaoke (yes, I am a karaoke-loving Filipina) is Phil Collins’  “A Groovy Kind Of Love.” Ironically, I tend to sing it when I feel jolly, When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do is take a look at you, then I'm not so blue...  I like the tune and I can sing it. The tone does not go high and low so much. The meaning of the lyrics touches my heart.  I can sing it to Paul, my soul mate.  He is the person I want to be with when feeling sad.  He eases my pain.  Just his presence alone comforts me.
  2. Children.  Of course, seeing my kids safe at home, too, makes me happy.  (However, it has been months that they are the source of my pain.  They violate house, school, and community rules one after another).  When they behave, when they just do their normal stuff—going to school and sports and going home safe afterwards, I feel happy with them around.
  3. Pets. My dogs make me happy too.  Just walking with them is a joy.  I love walking with them and, usually, I come back home after dog walking with renewed strength and a better mood. 
  4. lady and dog by the lake
    A true smile on my face on a brief stop
    by the lake with my dogs.
  5. People at work. Lastly, my co-workers and patients make me happy.  My co-workers, patients, and my job as a nurse, together keep my mind busy and away from the drama at home.  The feeling that I can help patients and coworkers is like a dose of happy pill effective almost the whole 12-hour shift. 

What to Do When Sad and Alone

Briefly, when I am sad, I want to be with my soul mate, my teens, my dogs, or my co-workers and patients.  They can make me feel better. Moreover, if not none of them is available, I would be by myself putting my thoughts in written words.  Try it.  Write, blog, or start a diary. To me, putting your thoughts in words is better than drinking a glass of wine.

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