Shifting Gears in Parenting from Mad to Calm

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Teen thinks parent stupid
My teen thinks "I know nothing." Years ago she asked me
questions on everything,   yes, even math.  Now
she thinks, maybe,I fast-forwarded into senility.
tupid.  Ridiculous.  Brainless.  Dumb. You name me.  My teens think I know nothing.  I am clueless as if I lost my brain overnight.  In addition, my daughter said to me, “you don’t remember because you had chemo. . .”

My goodness, my teens believe I am a complete idiot.  Both of them also blame me for whatever undesirable is happening in their lives like getting some poor grades in school, missing the bus . . .


But, but, I wasn't the one who did not turn in homework, or wake up early . . . All my fault?

Shifting Gears in Parenting

I choose not to get mad anymore.  I am reading the book by Dr. Leman, remember, The Have a New Teenager by Friday?  I do not have my son back from the Juvenile Hall yet.  I choose not to bail him out this time.  He will likely get out next week, anyway, after the sentencing.  For now, I can use the new parenting skills I learned with my daughter.  One kid at a time.

I should stay calm, keep my cool, and maintain sense of humor even though part of me wants to take my scarf off and wrap it around . . .  Just kidding.  See, I am smiling.  :)

And another thing that he said in the book . . . “This too [stage of my teens’ life] shall pass.  I hope he mentioned in the book exactly how many days do “this” last.

In an attempt to stay positive and put emphasis on the good, I took my daughter out to eat after volleyball practice yesterday.  She did perfect serves.  IN ADDITION, she actually had good attitude towards me except in her manner of speaking, sometimes, I sense that she really believes I know nothing.  Oh, well.

We both had a good time yesterday, just her and me.  It is the first time we ate out since her ankle monitor was removed.

I am looking forward to practicing more parenting skills with my daughter tomorrow.

Nurse blogger day off eating out
Yesterday was cold, low = below zero. High = 7 degrees.  It was nice going out
though and view more than the outside of my window at home.

Nurse blogger time off eating out cup
Guess where we ate?

eating out cold in coat
Too cold in the beginning
to remove my hat and coat.
At least, I removed my

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