Switching from Kaiser

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Our Intensive Care Unit started with one side open this a.m. (the south side was still closed) due to low volume of critically ill patients in our hospital. Therefore, I started my day with answering a phone call from work at five thirty in the morning. Still in bed with one eye barely opened, I answered, “Oh, OK. I am on-call.”

 Fine, so I did not have to report at seven but I should call at 9:30 a.m. to ask if I needed to work. At 9:30, I was put on-call again, then 11:30 a.m., I had to report to work. I opened the south side with Carrie. She did not her surgical patient from the operating room until around 12, while I did not get my first and only patient past six p.m. I helped her care for her patient. Her patient got a lot of attention from both of us, I am sure, however, not unstable.

Then, I was able to review my benefits during open enrollment, something we, employees, can only do in in-hospital computers due to restriction in place. (I do not know exactly why).

Guess what?

I made a big decision to switch to Cigna insurance from Kaiser HMO because Kaiser refuse to refer multi-systemic therapy (MST) that my teen son needs as evaluated by the social worker assigned by the courts. Kaiser does not offer MST and they will not refer him out either. Therefore, they are not paying. For the money I make as a single-job nurse, and being a sole supporter of my teens, I simply cannot afford to pay one hundred percent of his therapy.

I switched insurance that I have been using since I was twenty years old. The one that has my history, especially my cancer history, from diagnosis, to surgery, to treatments.

I hope I made the right decision and I hope MST works for my son.

I can only hope, as I cannot control everything.

I hope my son opens his eyes and his heart for healing.

God help us.

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