Holiday Fitness Plan Day 4: Avoiding Eating Junk at Work

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

It is hard enough to eat healthy at home.  You know how big of a struggle it is to eat healthy when you are rushed at work and exposed to fatty foods goodies brought in by co-workers, patients’ families, and even doctors.  It is usually not healthy foods in the form of fruits or nuts.  It is usually something sweet and or fat loaded stuff like donuts and cookies.

This Halloween, for sure, we will get a lot more candies too.  Junk food traps lurk around at work in the nurse’s station (shh . . . ), in the classroom, and even in the hallways by our educator.  She uses them candy bribe so we would stop and listen to what she has to say.
Some weeks I could not control myself and then logged my food intake at the end of the day.  Surely enough, I found that I ate hundreds of extra calories. 

Our hospital vending machines are no good either.  They contain the typical junk food loaded with calories, saturated fat, sugar, and cholesterol—chips, candies, and protein bars.  Until we move to our new hospital in December, which I heard, the vending machines would be stock with healthy foods, I have to pack my lunch (and save money too). 

Let us pack our lunch on a regular basis.  In my case, I work a long twelve-hour shift, I pack healthy snacks too, usually apple and nuts.

Here's my yesterday food log.  I did not have time for snack as I worked a very busy day but my stomach did not complain until the end of the day, thus, a big dinner, courtesy of to-go from $1.35 Chinese Scoop Place.  Their beef and broccoli is devilish deli-sh but high in calories.  As you can see, I can eat these kind of foods and still not go overboard looking at the whole day's picture (only 1,499 total calorie intake the whole day).

Happy food logging.

Do it. It works to keep your weight, or maybe lose some too.

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