Holiday Fitness Plan Day 5: Work With a Smile

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Yesterday, I wrote about taking my lunch and snack from home to work to avoid eating junk lurking around at work.  Yesterday, though, I did not have time to do pack my food.  Why?  I do not know about my daughter but maybe, she applies mascara on her lashes one by one.  And, boy, she has many, very long lashes.  It takes her more than an hour to get ready for school, and finally get herself in the van.

 Anyway, I was busy enough trying to get her in the van so I could go on, drop her off to school (and son too), and drive myself to work, that I did not have time to pack my lunch.  But it’s OK.  What is nice about working dayshift is, the hospital cafeteria is always open including the salad bar.  I usually get a plate of salad and something additional from the hot food section.  Today, I picked breaded Tilapia with mashed sweet potato and cabbage.  Good enough and my tummy felt satisfied for hours after lunch.

Work With a Smile

I did not go to work “to work” on the floor yesterday but I just attended the Phillips monitoring training.  As part of the new hospital, we get new monitoring machines too (bedside, telemetry box, and portable monitor).  They are all touch-screen and have many features.  The training three long hours over what the machine can do, how we can change the settings, etc.  Even with coffee in my veins (just shot, not drip), by the last hour, I felt like crawling under the table to take a nap.  There was only so much information on the machines I could take and remember, anyway.  I would learn more by experience.

Before the class started, the teacher from Phillips initially greeted us with, “You are all too early. This class starts at 9:30.” 

It was 9 a.m.

Then she went on and on that some of us are sitting in front of the wrong monitors, the others should move, we are too big of a group, there should only be eight students, not twelve . . . 


I stopped and thought,  I hope I do not display myself this way even on my bad days. 
Note to self: try to smile or be nice even on bad days, even when my teens at home are not behaving. That has to be good for mental fitness as well.

Now, I think, maybe the lady has teens at home too, not behaving.

Here is yesterday’s food log. I am over by one hundred calories so today, I should exercise more and do it with a smile. 

You're right.

Somewhere, there is tilapia.

Salad from the bar, the only bar I go to.

Smile and let's food log.

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