Holiday Fitness Plan Day 2: Lose Weight and Keep Your Money with MyFitnessPal

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I got so tired practicing volleyball today . . .
My volleyball practice.
Look how "fit" I have become.

Okay, that was not really me in the picture.  That is my cutesy teenager.  I only watched and helped her pick up the balls she used in practice.  Hey, I take credit for that task.  That is still exercise picking up those balls on the floor from the two carts that holds about thirty balls each.  (Yup, I counted them).  

What else did I do besides “that” workout?

Well, I walked with my dogs a couple of times, totaling to thirty minutes, I did some yoga and stretching, and I did a jumping calisthenics (my high-intensity-workout).  Together, my activities gave me a 212- extra-calorie allowance added to my usual 1300 daily limit (without the exercise).  I did not even meet my minimum, 1300 calories, from what I ate yesterday.  According to my food logging, I only consumed 1207 calories.  Very good, I think.  That gives me hope that I will not see “more” of me by New Year.  It is a big possibility.

MyFitnessPal Can Help You Lose Weight

This nonprofit organization, MyFitnessPal, can help you lose weight.  I tried it before but gave up on it as I found that my smart phone, then, could not handle the app.  Now that I have an 16GB memory-storage-phone, I can use this app anytime without it crashing.  Therefore, if you have a smartphone, grab it and let us do this together.  We can maintain a healthy weight, just you and me, without putting money in expensive commercial programs.

So How Can MyFitnessPal Help Lose Weight? 

I have tried other methods before like SparkPeople, but this is my favorite.  I log my food in it for my food diary.  Its extensive list of food, recipes, and even packaged food with bar codes are easy to input to the log. Yup, it has a barcode reader.  As a diary, it records a running daily total of the calories and gives extra allowance when I exercise giving me rapid rewards in my eyes for working out.  Good deal, huh?

We can stay fit, or even lose weight, even if we are broke

We, "the broken broke," do not have to spend money on gym memberships or weight loss plans in order to lose weight or stay fit.  We can do it ourselves.  And , if you are anti-smart phone, you do not even have to download the app.  You can just got to its website.  The thing is, though, to make it work for you, you have to access it at least twice a day to make accurate and consistent logs of your food and physical activities.

Try it.  We can make MyFitnessPal work for us. 

Here is how my phone looks like by the end of the day with my food and activity logging. Take note, I had free remaining 305 calories to eat that I could have taken advantage of.

MyFitnessPal diary of food and activities for the day.
Even a little chore counts.

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