Holiday Fitness Plan Day 1: Keeping Fit For the Broke and the Busy

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My holiday started yesterday. I am writing a day behind on this to make a more complete account on my logging of food intake and fitness activities. It is the weekend before Halloween. I do not really need two or more handfuls of candies, or that second serving of fatty food. Usually, I indulged myself around the holidays and exercise very little, so comes my plan.

Keeping Fit For the Broke and the Busy People

I realize after failing new year resolutions of maintaining a consistent healthy lifestyle, I have to start slowly but (almost) surely. I avoided exercising a lot of times because it takes so much time and effort in my already-busy life. However, it does not have to be that time-consuming and super tiring.

The Plan

  1. I will do short but effective workouts through circuit training, plyometric, high intensity, and 7-minute workouts to twenty minutes workout. 
  2.  In addition, I will take credit for walking my dogs and steps I earn throughout the day even at work. Thanks, phone pedometer. Therefore, I think, all those things together will be enough. I will do it without a gym membership and while utilizing minimum equipment as well. 
  3. Along with my activities plan of logging my food intake and exercises, I will also work on my diet to keep a daily intake within 1,300, or more if I exercise (as exercising allows me to consume more food within my limit of 1,300 calories). MyFitnessPal automatically calculates these numbers for me as part of my daily calorie allowance. I just simply sync my exercise apps with it (Edmondo, Runkeeper, Sworkit Pro, and Runkeeper).  My Pedometer steps, I would just add manually as I do not want to invest on separate gadget/pedometer that can sync with MyFitnessPal.  I am broke, remember?
Do you want to do this plan with me? Let's do it together.

I posted the screenshots and pictures of what I did and ate yesterday using MyFitnessPal app and online.

Sunny side up, spinach, ground pork
 with sauce
Carrots and hummus, more rice,
more ground pork with sauce
Gatorade alternative my
daughter's coach gave me.

And the highlight of the day, Tres Leches cake I got half-price from King

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