Making My "P Week" Good With My Teen

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poached egg
What do you know? I had a poached
egg for breakfast this morning cooked
from that ceramic pot my son bought.
is the letter of the week in ABC Wednesday team, and I just have the word for it--psychiatrist day. Today is the day to visit this mental health professional. My son has some occasional problems: poor judgment, and impulsiveness that gets him in trouble at times like literally running out of school, running in the streets as I tried to get him back (silly me), and hanging out with problematic peers. He has violated his probation, a pattern that he has to prevent.

The P's that can make a difference in my impulsive teen's life:

  1. Presence—as his sole parent (his father lives out of state and emotionally , physically , and financially out of the picture), I make myself available to him as much as possible.
  2. Promise—I promise him I will help him if he remains with me and stop running away. So far, he stopped running away for four months now.
  3. Provide—I provide tools to help him be successful. Aside from his basic needs, I give him extras, well to me they are. They are the things he loves—Netflix, extra data on his phone, his favorite drinks (non-alcoholic, of course. He is 16), favorite snacks . . . I schedule his appointments or help him to.
  4. Psychotherapy—He has a separate therapist that I picked for him. He wanted an experienced therapist and a male. His first two sessions have been good so far.
  5. Positivism and Prayers—I look up and pray that things will work out. Thinking positive and hoping for continued improvement may help. I have been saying the rosary everyday now too asking for help to guide him.
  6. Prescription—I almost left this one out. He is put on a prescription today. I hope it will help control his impulsiveness.

With all these P's, good future is possible. I hope.

    What bad and good P's did you have today?

Please help a teen or two play sports they love
 and keep them out of trouble. 
Contribute to fundraising here.

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Thanks, Alison. That is just part of the story of my life. I didn't for it to come out strong. It is what it is.


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