Crunchy Treat and Dealing With Defiant Teen

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speculoos crunchy cookie butter popular woman blog
I love this cookie butter,
with or without the crunch.
Spread it on apples. Melt it with coconut oil then top it on ice cream for hardened topping. Put in on a toast or lick a spoonful of it when nobody's looking.  This is so good, I have to hide it from view so I would forget about it and not eat it all in one sitting. What's my crunchy treat? Trader Joe's cookie butter, that's what.

If only life is as sweet at this.

However, in life, the crunch is not so yummy all the time. Sometimes it hurts, like biting on an unexpected bone in my chicken sandwich, or egg shell in my scrambled eggs with one of my sensitive back molar. Perhaps it's time to pay my dentist a visit.

Anyway, I had a good twelve hours of work today in the hospital. But tonight I faced, yet another, crunchiness, almost more than I could swallow. I tried hard not to spit out and burst out in tears but I failed.

Dealing With Defiant Teen

I spent the night driving around looking for my daughter after work. I found that she skipped volleyball and Boy's and Girl's club. She had been missing for seven hours. Different worries ran across my mind. None of my anxiety tools worked. I wondered why God let this problem happen to me. I just got my son back and then my daughter was gone?

The police found her and took her home safe. I talked to her as calmly as I could. She told me (not ask) to not raise my voice. She prefers talking to her dad, she says. Her dad talks calmly. I felt a knife straight to my heart. Who is the better parent? Who, the one who refused to pay child support for years, nor send anything of value to her? The one who did not bother to see her and her brother since 2009?

The talk was not getting anywhere that I had to stop. We will talk in the morning. The only thing that can happen from this point is her cutting me to pieces emotionally.

God, please help me and give me more strength. I need more power to deal with my defiant teens. Please guide them to righteousness and teach them to respect themselves and others.


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