What Turned My Stomach and Anger Management

Thursday, October 09, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

Fall scene neighborhood colorful leaves woman blog
Colorful walk this morning with my son.

“Oh my God.”
My son’s bed was empty again. Besides the empty sleeping bag laid along the bed making it look like
he was in it.

Anger Management

It was obvious but I still pulled it out to confirm, he was not in bed. My stomach was turning. I did not know what to do. I wanted to scream again, cry, stomp my feet.

However, I managed to stay calm. I shut my eyes closed. One one thousand one, one thousand two . . . one thousand ten.

What do I do? I need to alert the police, his probation officer, his social worker . . . I need to try to contact him somehow. How? I have not activated his cellphone . . . ahh, through Facebook, under my daughter’s account. They are Facebook friends. My son blocked me in his Facebook. 

I did all that without shedding a tear. My son responded soon and I reminded him he should not leave the house according to the requirements of the bond.

He was back within an hour. *sigh*

Today, I tried to enroll him back to the homeschool. He needs to be in school full time. The vice principal we spoke to asked for us to call in the afternoon after checking with specialty schools. We did check with other school but none of them would allow him to start tomorrow. He needs to go to school as soon as possible as a condition of the bond. We called and e-mailed this afternoon but he did not respond until late. We will meet him on Monday for enrollment.

Meanwhile, my son did Biology and Geometry video classes in Khan Academy online. He also did a few chores and walked the dog with me. After all the negative excitement this morning, we will watch my daughter’s volleyball. It will be the highlight of the day. The only number I will count is their team scores. No more stomach turning incidents, I hope.
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