Green Kale

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Kale and Parsley
The idea of growing kale appealed to me because it survives in cold weather. It has been three years that I tried growing kale. Every year, I succeed. It is hardy and easy to care for.

Here, one of my few kale plants still supply me with leaves for salad or for steaming. I harvest the leaves right before preparation or cooking. I noticed the last few leaves I cut off tasted sweeter. I have just learned today that frost actually enhances the flavor as the frost helps transform kale's starch into natural sugars. 

I hope my kale continues to survive and bring me more leaves. . . Oh, and look at my parsley around it.  I am thinking of making some Kale-berry-parsley-banana smoothie with this recipe. Now, if only I convince Paul to drink this 5-star-rating kale smoothie. It is hard enough to make him eat kale, let alone drink it.

Have you tried a green smoothie you like?


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Nick V.
November 20, 2015 at 4:46:00 AM MST delete

We grow kale in our garden and eat the tender young leaves in salads, mixed with other greens. Lovely!
Many thanks for contributing to the Friday Greens meme.


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