Thankful Summer

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I feel  very thankful this summer. The highlights are . . . my teens are back! There will be bumps on the road. My teens aren't perfect and so I am not. But as long as I have access to them, I can make a difference in their lives and help guide them to the right path.

I am so glad to write a "thankful" theme with this inspiring, thankful group. Here is my list.

 My fifteen-year old daughter is back (from being off and on "on the run"). I get to watch her do volleyball conditioning at least twice a month. I feel relieved she has not run away for over a month.

 Thanks to beautiful open-space parks like this. What a nice hike.

Sashimi dinner for my five-year anniversary with Paul. He has put up with me (and vice versa) for five years.

Thanks to places who still charges cheap for haircut. $10. Why do males have to have haircut monthly?

Thanks for yoga. It does make me feel good mentally and physically. Here, Wally, says enough yoga to me.

Beans, beans, I can plant beans. Perhaps I have a green thumb on me. Yeah, yeah, I know, it is super easy to grow beans.

I am glad my teens have good interests in common. Aside from the past of running away, they both like sports. Here they play basketball together.

 What do you know? Cheap cuts like beef shoulder tastes like rib-eye as long as it is well-marinated and not over-cooked. I fooled Paul. Thanks to tips I learned online.

 As curious as they could be, our doggies did not run off with other dogs, kids, etc. Thanks to (usually) well-behaved dogs.

Eating out literally is fun. Thank goodness it did not rain while we were out. Everyday, it seems to rain here in Colorado.

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