Orange Happy

Monday, June 29, 2015 0 Comments A + a -


orange short, orange happy color
Lay-back time in the backyard
t was hot out. I and my teens stood outside in the backyard. Once in a while, one of them shoot hoops, taking turns with the basketball. We talked in between. It was a lay-back but happy time.

Last year in summer, they took turns running away from home from June through May last month. . . 11 months later, they are back. They said they are “done” running away this time. It had been a long and trying eleven-months—a parent's nightmare when their teens leave home for days or months without contact. Before, I could only dream about this moment. But this weekend, it is a reality. I like my teenage boy's orange short. Funny, he was wearing the same shorts last week when I also took pictures.

Orange is a “hot” and happy color.


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