Sunday, Lazy Day

Sunday, March 01, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

colored pencil art, flower
Colored Pencil art
The dry yellow roses

The flowers I gave Paul last Valentine's
day are still up.

    What did I do?
    • Dress dog Velvet’s right front toe.  She broke off a nail yesterday and the thing bleeds intermittently every time she goes in the back yard to do her business.
    • Have bagels and cream cheese (garden vegetable flavor) from the bakery.
    • Make bacon breakfast burritos for lunch (and future meals).
    • Watch YouTube Catholic Mass.
    • Make Swiss cheese fondue (again) for part of dinner.
    • Paint dried yellow roses.  I tried to put some orangey colors in it to join this orange color blogging party.

    I enjoy drawing with this colored pencils as a beginner. I can control this pencils easier that paint brush and they are not as messy as oil pastel and graphite that I used in the past. They are convenient to use too as I don’t have any brush to wet and no paper to dry.  

    Let’s get your creative juices going and draw with me.  Or if you are not into drawing, get creative with your photo editor and take an orangey picture around you.

    Have a good Monday.

    I would love to read your comments.