Simply Amazing Things to be Thankful For

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Our world amazes me! I look around me and I see flowers, people, animals, buildings. . .  even food and drinks.

I take in the sights, yes, even the snow.  I watch inspiring videos, listen to meditations . . .

I work hard to pay attention to these things because if I concentrate on my teens still on a run, I will go insane.  And then I have a new bump on my chest my doctor took biopsy of last Thursday.  Is my cancer back? Am I off remission?

My Plan

Focus on the Good

Come and play this video with me, and scroll down as it plays.

I try hard to focus on my blessings and stop taking them for granted.

Vibrant colors around me give me joy.  Many colors surround me.  I am glad our world is not just black and white.

The beauty of the tulips is amazing.

Tulips . . . from the store.
 Even the dead yellow roses I gave Paul last Valentine's Day.  He loves them too as they are still in display in the middle of his dining table.

I am thankful for my clown, Paul,  for making me laugh just being silly.

I look up at in the sky on the way to work. Under the white sky, I can see my new hospital.  There is snow everywhere. . . Driving along the busy streets, I notice a few people with their dogs out walking.  Wow, they are great dog owners, unlike me.  :)

This fake cat put a smile on my face.  It was so cute, I had to draw it.  My drawing is not finished.  Maybe I will post it later.  My doctor has this in the reception area.

Even this friend's dog made me happy.  She is so sweet.

I never had Mimosa until today.  This is now my alcoholic drink.  What? Fruits, OJ with Vitamin D and C.  I thank my friend for having this for us in our nurse volunteer meeting. So colorful and yummy.

At the end of our volunteer group meeting, we had some tea and mango float (not pictured).  I forgot to take a picture of the float as my mouth got too busy.

Many things on this Earth is truly amazing!  Even this earth replica  I took picture of in the planetarium last night. Can you spot my home country? The Philippines?

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