Reasons to Pray

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hen talking to God with prayer, I feel this delicate connection going on with mind and
spirit.  It is a meditation of some sort.
Velvet is thinking about praying too.
I still have to train her how to kneel.

When I pray, I usually ask for something I do not have—peace with my teens, the silver bullet to target their defiance, the miracle to get them to turn around and walk towards the right path . . .

I pray to God and ask for anything.  He hears me, and He will respond to me in His own way.

I also thank him for his blessings.  There are still many despite several struggles I face lately.  My daughter is still on a run.  She left me at the mall last January 1 and has not come back home.  There are hints that she is alive.  I am thankful for that.  I am also thankful for my job.  Being so busy in the critical care unit lately frees my mind from constantly thinking about the welfare of my teens. Oh by the way, I do not always get full lunch breaks at work recently but the loud call system in our break room was finally disabled.  I get somewhat peace and quiet in there finally.  Thank goodness.

If you are a Christian (any religion—Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox . . .), do you pray regularly?

If not, try it.  It is simple, easy, and calming.

If you need a weekly prayer inspiration, go to this site.

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