Positive Thinking and the Come Back of My Lost Son

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

It seems that Velvet managed to hypnotize Paul into dropping the sausage this morning.  I started my day annoyed, but then, I thought, it is just a sausage.  It felt good to yell at Paul, anyway.

Positive Thinking Evokes Energy and Happiness

I saw this in the waiting area at Golden probation office.  "Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative, and more happiness." The opposite is also true; negative thinking drains your energy.  Yesterday, I kept thinking, my life will be back in hell once son goes back home.  I felt exhausted all day.  It didn't help me to think that way.

Here is the dome building I have been frequenting lately with my son. It looks beautiful outside.

Even my son, himself, said he remembers climbing those rocks with his sister when they were little.  Those were the times when we came here only to go to the left side of the building and renew our car registration.  Now, we come here to the right side to go to the hearing for juvenile court.

Inside the dome, I always look out before going to the hearing.  The scene helps lift my spirit.  There is still beauty surrounding me.
Isn't this beautiful?

This is part of the Juvenile hall, the place I said two months ago, I did not want to visit again.  Son had to go back and here I am picking him up again.  I still say, I hope he will just follow the rules so he does not get locked up again.

Today, I decided to think positive.  It felt good picking him up from the hall the second time around.  I hugged him still.  It made me feel good.  He did not resist and he actually smiled.  He is still my son, my son who is lost.  He is alive and it is not too late to stir him to the right direction.  I know I cannot do it alone.  We need help.

Extensive counselling, here we come.

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