The Good News, The Bad News: Keeping Sanity With Defiant Teens

Thursday, November 20, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

The Good, the Bad, and the Cute Refrigerator Magnet
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Keeping Sanity With Defiant Teens

The day has come for my son's sentencing with Lakewood city court (we are done with the county).  For 2 counts of a misdemeanor which he plead guilty for we received . . . 

  • The good news: the two charges are revoked in consideration that he already served 39 days in juvenile court.  He received lecturing from the judge.  (The county has some restriction he has to abide to: one year probation, drug tests, counselling, community service, and following house rules).
  • The bad news: daughter skipped two classes and took off somewhere. She asked me later to picked him up at Boy's and Girl's club.  I went there and she was not there.  I reported her missing.  She is also on probation for a similar case with my son.
  • The good news: the dogs found her hiding behind the piano tonight.  My son and I just got back driving around looking for her.
  • The bad news:
Never mind.  I choose to end the day with good.  Both kids are safe at home.

Till next time.

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