Manic Monday: A Day Off With Defiant Teens

Monday, October 13, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

The better part of my day-
walking outside on a
cool, beautiful day.
oday, I have a single day off before my next workday. Today is the day, the supposedly less bad day as I planned yesterday. How did I spend it?

Day Off Part 1

I got this hunch that my daughter is hiding something in her room, so I opened her drawer, and I saw a black plastic container with picture of cannabis, the peculiar green leaf with distinct venation pattern, with a metal grinder inside. Hint, it is not for grinding spices.

 I have warned her before to stop the bad habit. Five times is too many. Today is the day. I called the cops, she got a ticket. We will have to go to court this month.

Day Off Part 2

I took my son to his temporary probation officer. He got his first and, hopefully, last ankle bracelet monitor that he wears until his next court date. I can finally sleep straight at night without getting up multiple times to check if he is still in his bedroom. I can have my beauty sleep until his next court date, anyway.

*Sigh* the life of a single mother with two defiant teens. I long for the times when they were tiny, following me around, fully dependent on me. How I wish, I can go back to that time and freeze it, spending happy, busy times together, pushing them in the swing . . . instead of going back and forth in the juvenile court.

 That would be selfish though. My job as a parent is to let them grow, to get them ready to be responsible adults, and to be self-sufficient. They can choose to defy me. I will keep providing the right path.

 Please, God, give me strength.
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