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Spone Bob fish bowl, female betta fish, little inspiration

I did not think it would affect me but last Tuesday, I kept thinking about my Betta fish I raised for three years since it was a baby an not even an inch long. It was floating in the bowl in the morning before I went to work. It seemed to have a swollen cut in the belly and already had a foul smell. How could I not notice earlier it was ill?

I went to the Pet store to buy one. The store did not have a baby Betta so I got what they have, I am guessing, a teen Betta. I got a female one hoping I will add two more female later. 

I went back to the pet store another day, this time with my daughter. 

“Let's get Sponge Bob.”

She was pointing at the yellow-orange pineapple house set with the big-toothed-always-smiling Sponge Bob. Funny, I had been looking of that too but did not pick it earlier thinking my daughter would think I was being too childish.

So guess if we bought it?

Of course we did, plus two female Betta fish.

Watching the fish fascinated me that I watched them for about an hour. 


Pull up bar that I cannot pull myself up all the way.
Perhaps I should just stretch. :)
Many challenges still come in my way. I just have to fish for happiness and inspiration in my life even when they are just "Little Things."

Yesterday, I started my day with meditation for twenty minutes, then exercise. And the dogs, of course, I took care of the dogs, walking in the neighborhood before I head for work. 

I got to work feeling energized. I had two patients in the intensive care unit, different cases than my usual post operative open heart surgery patients. I had a busy but good day.



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My kids really enjoyed raising Betta fish.


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