Prom Night

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dad photo with food, prom night scare
Paul is as sweet as he loves food.
He can be a very protective father though.

Last night was Paul's daughter's prom night. She had eight female friends in the house getting ready for the prom. I decided to help Paul get the girls ready as he seemed nervous what to do. The least I could do was bring finger foods so they could snack while getting ready. 

"It's a good thing you're here," he said.

We helped one girl with her corset dress. I know he would have been uncomfortable doing this on his own and the task requires four strong hands anyway. 

One of the girls' boyfriend was coming over for pick up. Paul joked about not having a gun. 

"It would have been perfect to greet the boy with a shotgun," he said.

 I suggested he can sit on the patio as the boy arrived while sharpening his big chef knife. It won't be classic but just as good.

Anyway, the boy arrived, all looking handsome with his tux. Paul set him aside and sent all the girls back upstairs. He proceeded to ask a few questions. The boy's answers did not match the questions and the poor boy was turning red. 

Didn't this boy hear about the classic tale?

Paul broke into smile and said, “you're OK.” Obviously, this boy does not know Paul. Paul is only dangerous with food.

Some of the girls slept over after the prom. They were all just laughing about it.
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Maybe Paul should have posed for a picture with the young man and the chef knife.


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