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A treat  women can give themselves  can be a manicure. But if you don't like the smell of nail polish, you can get nail wraps instead. I got mine last Saturday from a friend that sells it. She demo on my fingers how to do it, and it was a breeze.

It was fun putting it on, like doing and easy art on your nails. I can pick from simple to seasonal, to almost any designs, demure, basic “polish” styles,  serious look, wilder and trendy prints and designs.  
Little things like this make me feel kinda put-together "good" in a way, like wearing a nice-fitting pair of jeans instead of a pair of ugly pajamas in public. I was told that they stay on for at least two weeks. I have mine for about a week now, and it's still looking good, that trial pink striped one you see in the picture. Yup, it even matches with my shirt and bag that day, you see?

When I feel down lately and I happen to look at my nails, my mind get side-tracked, “Ooo my wrap looks nice. :)

Interested? Checked out my friends' Jamberry site. Help yourself (and my friend).


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Nail wrap - haven't heard of that - not that I'm much of a fshionista. But those stripes do look cool.


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