Passage at Work

Wednesday, November 04, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

We moved our old hospital to a brand new building last December. I put around 10,000 steps each work day ever since because of the distance we walk from the employee parking, through a very long employee-only basement passage, to the intensive care unit where I work. Considering that I typically only care for two critically ill patients per shift, ten thousand steps is a lot. 

Long, narrow

Tiring, boring

Happy to be passing


Anyway, I used to hate this new passageway. I certainly do not walk like I am modelling on a runway here. I more like sprint my way to work through here. It used to put me on a bit of a depressed mood walking the plain floor with bare walls. As service employees, we were discouraged to walk in the main floor where patients and visitors are, and I used to think, "What is wrong with us? Why do we need to hide going and leaving work?"

I got used to it now. The walls are partly decorated now and some monitors hung from the ceiling with weather updates. They are something to look at anyway.

In any case, after a long 12-hour day's work, I am usually happy to walk this passage I can then call "exit."

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