Thursday LOL #3: Meditation

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Paul and I were passing the busy street of Federal one night, when we noticed this ad on the side of the street,

 “Meditate Fast, We Push You How to Relax.”

How exactly do they do that?”

It's like saying, hurry up and relax.”

Relaxing is not synonymous with getting hurried, that's for sure.

If you are following my blog, you have heard that my father passed away a week ago. He got buried yesterday and so I am not in the most relaxed mood of my life. I need to relax and meditate. So the post today is on meditation.

Five Minute Meditation For Busy People

I seem to not have time for a lot of things lately and I had been skipping on meditation. Bad. In this stage in my life, that is when I need it the most. So, I searched for a way to meditate that only takes five minutes but yet, still effective. I use You Tube for this and here is a link. What do you need besides You tube? A quiet place to sit or lie down.

 A Video on 5-minute Guided Meditation

And here is a written instruction if you do not want to watch and be guided with You Tube.

Instructions on Five-Minute Meditation

  1. Sit or lie in a quiet area wearing comfortable clothing . Close your eyes.
  2. Be conscious about sitting still. How does it feel?
  3. Be aware of your contact with the chair or area you are sitting or lying on.
  4. Take notice of your breathing in and out. Be conscious of how your chest and abdomen move.
  5. You can put your hands on abdomen and feel the movement this way.
  6. Take notice of the gentle rise and fall of your body while breathing in and out.
  7. Notice the air flowing through your nostrils into your chest as you inhale and exhale through.
  8. If your mind wanders, simply go back concentration with breathing and your body.
  9. Try to stay with this meditation for at least a minute observing your breathing.
  10. Do this meditation daily, each day adding a minute or two to the point you are spending at least five minutes.

Are you ready to meditate?

Or do you have anything funny to say about meditation?

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