Kare-Kare Carin

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t is fall season, the season of orange, or red, or yellow. Surprisingly, much of the leaves from my tree are already on the ground, crisp and still green. We have not had much cold weather to make the leaves turn colors, I guess.

 I like the traditional leaf-colors of spring. The color of my favorite family dish has all colors of autumn—green for the vegetable, red for the shrimp paste, brown for the meet, and orange for the sauce it's in.

So what is my favorite called? 


It is a traditional Filipino dish with ox tail stewed with vegetables in thick, peanut-based sauce. The dish takes a long time to cook and prepare, so it is not a weekly dish for my family. That's for sure. 

 I remember my aunt making this to share to the family. I used to secretly hate this dish because I got teased as a child having a nickname common with it, Kare-kare. But not anymore since I was a teen. The tastes is so delish, I could no longer pretend I don't like this dish.

Want a recipe? Go here.

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