Don't Send Flowers to the Hospital

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Feeling like a kindergartner, I got angry with red crayons,
and green, and purple, on a blank greeting card.

Roses are red
Fresh leaves are green
Offer them to her
And watch her face gleam

Red flowers, violet flowers, orange flowers, yellow flowers . . . I like them all.  They offer thoughtfulness and sweetness.  I gave mine to my boyfriend last Valentine’s day. You may think it is weird, but he liked them, at least he said so.  He gave me the flowers below.  Matched with a box of chocolates, my face gleamed with delight when I saw them.  Simple pleasures.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me.
Red, white, and purple roses from Paul

Sending flowers can say a thousand words for you even when you cannot personally give the message yourself.  They surely can enlighten someone’s heart.  In the hospital, family and friends often send flowers.  As a nurse, I wish they wait until the patient goes home for some reasons.

Why You Should Not Send Flowers to the Hospital

nurse flowers cartoon carin
Don't get me wrong.
I love flowers too.
  1. The patients usually cannot carry them home themselves, especially if they received more than one, and if the bouquets are too heavy.
  2. If the patient is in the intensive care unit (ICU) or oncology unit, flowers may not be allowed there. I know they aren't allowed in my unit.  We have to put them outside the room where the patient cannot enjoy them.
  3. They can contain allergens, dirt, insects--all of which can be harmful to seriously ill patients in the unit.

Better yet, if in doubt, ask. And best yet, send a Get Well card instead. I personally read and/or show this to patients when their family cannot do it.

Have a colorful day.

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