April's Fool

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Limerick, this is not, but an acrostic poem, brought to you by myself, the letter L, and the word fool.  I am writing this on a Tuesday night, after two therapy sessions (my individual, and my daughter's family group). It has been a day.
My leaf-less plum tree is blooming
for the first time. Perhaps it
will bear fruit this year.

 It feels good to unwind and participate in some blogging fun with these great groups--the ABC Wednesday team and the Two Shoes Tuesday group.

What a perfect time to post something on April Fool's Day. It is April Fool's tomorrow. Here is my acrostic creation, haha.

April Fool's Day

April Fool's day is the time to play
Practical jokes. It is often--
Referred to as All Fools' Day when
Individuals play pranks and hoaxes to their
Loved ones --

Family, and friends.
Observed in many countries.
On April first, people
Lead or listen, let loose, laugh out loud, and join the day of laughter.
Sounds crude, but it is fun.

Have a nice and foolish day.


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