Thankful Saturday (One of Many)

Saturday, February 07, 2015 0 Comments A + a -

Now, as has been for a year, I should take notice of what I have and be thankful for it. It started in February last year when my teen son began showing signs of delinquency.  The situation did not get better.  He is once again on a run, on a run from his temporary placement in a foster home for chronic runaways.  It counts as his 20th-something time running away including the times he left our house.

It is natural to  yearn for more blessings or less sufferings for me. I can use less stress, and more desirable behavior from my teens, more moneymore patience, more reasons to be thankful. More of these can be better.  But if I do not have more of these, I can only feel inferior and not happy.

I need to change the way I think. More does not have to be better. I splash my face with cold water, open my eyes, and appreciate the benefit of what I have.

What do I have?

Reasons to be thankful

EasilyDo app, my virtual assistant to keep me on tractand connected with my schedule, my e-mail, and even the social media. This app saves me time and even helps me track important e-mails and delivery of stuff I order online. app to keep me in line with my plans and to do list--daily and weekly.  I have so much stuff to do I need to list them and get reminders on my phone.

Fly Helper app to help me with my chores--what to do when.  Too bad it does not do the chores for me.  It tells me what to do, that's all. :)

Smiling Mind meditation app.  Ooh, I was relaxed since yesterday and more focused, and happier.

I started doing this since yesterday too--the Headspace app for meditation.  It has free trial for 10 days, then there's a monthly fee of $8.  I am not sure if I can afford that.  But at this point in my life, I can use two apps for meditation.

Thanks to the recycling otherwise, all this junk will go to waste.

Thanks to my son. He did an early spring cleaning and organized our garage last Saturday.
 He did other chores too, so I paid him $60.
I miss him already.  He left school on Wednesday and never came back.

Thanks to the get-together with my co-workers on a Friday evening.
They always make me smile.  They were silly with some effect of alcohol.  Wonder what I drank? Coconut berry smoothie!
The morning I celebrated my son's early spring cleaning.  I took him out to eat. We had so much left-over after.  I wish he would eat more.  He is so skinny (but strong).

This young ladies are fun to watch.  They look so happy.  Their young children remind me of my teens years ago--so playful and close to me. 

The Superbowl day of potluck with the ladies above. Lots of food.  This was my chance to eat different Filipino food I did not have to cook.

That is all.  Look, I even exceeded the minimum on TEN things to be thankful for.

Your turn.

I would love to read your comments.