Ten Things of Hopeful and Thankful

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Hey, hey, hey.  It is another thankful week.  I look forward to writing this post because of this upbeat thankful blogging group who inspire me.  Here are my reasons to be thankful (and hopeful).

Receiving this award on my atypical no-break room lunch day made up for my exhaustion.  I got nominated for the Daisy Award as an exceptional nurse as viewed by a family member of a patient. I assume a family did as we tend to get very sick patients in my unit (intensive care) where patients can hardly breathe, let alone write. This made my day and the next. I hope I can make more patients and family happy.

Daisy Award Nominee

As happy as I am with the award, life is not perfect.  My son has not returned. It has been three weeks.  I continue with my meditative drawing.  If life isn’t perfect, make lemons an apple.
Apple Color Pencil Art

Or a flower.

Flower Color Pencil Art

Velvet makes me feel loved and is always within my sight as I draw (or eat, or use the bathroom). Yup she kicks the door.

Snowball stays close as well. He just won’t pose for a picture.

"This picture taking is b-o-r-i-n-g."

Seeing this on the fridge door puts a smile on my face from my daughter.

Same daughter wrote this on the same day, her cut-off ankle bracelet was beside it lying on her bedroom doorway.  That bracelet had been placed as ordered by the judge for running away many times.

She said she will be safe so for that I should not be so sad (and she will be back).

Wait now, here she wrote she can’t come back, she is sorry, and she asks for forgiveness.  She loves me.  That is her last note. 
The same. day. Thursday.

Friday morning, I went son-and-daughter hunting.  Nothing on son, but I saw a glimpse of my daughter outside the library building, and then she was gone again. 

I saw this book on display.  I took this home to read. I hope this can keep me occupied to stop worrying about my teens.

 I forgive my daughter. I forgive my son.

Book from the library

Please God, help me to be strong.
Show my teens the right path--

Thank you.

Ten Things of Thankful

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