21 Days of Life With Teens as a Single Parent.

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New year, new cheer.  I try to highlight the cheers.  They are here, but I cannot ignore the sad stuff though.  Read on.

1. Jan. 1—watched the fireworks at countdown in downtown with daughter and Paul.
2. Jan. 1-8-- Daughter ran away.
3. Jan. 8-- She showed up in court, promised to be good and reform in front of judge.
4. Jan. 9 –PAYDAY.
5. Jan. 10—Continuing education with nursing group in a nice cafĂ© as daughter watched movie in a theater nearby.

6. Jan. 10--Late at night—my car key is not on its ring.  Daughter said she was tracing it for a school project.  Hmm. I asked to see it and she said she threw it away.  Hmm again.  FYI, she does not have a driver’s license.
7. Jan. 11—I worked extra today at work with BONUS pay.
8. Jan. 12--Son already cut classes the first day he goes to school.  I alerted his foster father. Daughter got a second ticket for trespassing that happened on the 7th, the day after she promised to be good.
9. Jan. 12—Daughter had her first day in winter volleyball.  She had some good hits.
10. Jan. 13—I worked my regular 12-hour shift.  OK day.
11. Jan. 14—It was dental cleaning day.  It is always nice to begin the day with squeaky clean teeth.
12. Jan. 14—In the afternoon, I went to my son’s trial.  There will be continuance in a month. For now, he stays in a foster home for runaways.  Son has been going to all classes after that “oops” first day cutting classes.  Judge wants to see more of this before making a decision.
13. Jan. 14—The highlight of my day—watching my daughter play volleyball.  I hope she does this every day.  This is better than watching football on TV.
14. Jan. 16-17—Worked and took care of two patients, one 2 days in a row.  You know how the day will be when the outgoing nurse have the biggest smile on her face, bigger than ordinary, and almost hugs you that you arrived.  Yup, I had that kind of a day.  Well the days ended, and I walked over 11,000 steps each time. No workout day those days!
15. Jan. 18—Picked up son from foster home.  We made it a family day going to church and outdoor mall.  
16. Jan. 18—At night, son mentioned about emancipation.  He would apply for a job, save up money and eventually live on his own.  I asked, if he knows what that means.  I can’t cover him with my insurance . . . He would think it over.  I asked him to research and think hard.
17. Jan. 19—It is Martin Luther King’s day, a work day for me.   I only had one patient, yet I walked 13,000 steps today.  Go figure how my day was like.  But hey, I got my exercise for the day!
18. Jan. 20—Daughter is a suspect of a felony.  She got arrested and got taken to Juvenile detention.  She denies the allegation.  I want to believe her.  Police was looking for a girl with blue hair.  My daughter never had blue hair as far as I know.  Crossing my fingers.  Please, if she is innocent, God help us.  I told my daughter, this is why you stay away from questionable, bad people.  This is why you let me know where you go all the time, and not run away.
19. Jan. 20 evening—I had a nice dinner with a friend.  I brought her a pancit noodle dish (I cooked to keep my mind off the crazy day) and got to visit her toddler (who gave me sweet hugs) and dogs who licked me, and her beautiful green bird who’s freaked out by me.
20. Jan.  21—Daughter’s court day (ticket #3).  Pray for us.
21. Jan. 21—Before the court time,  I will do a 21-or-so-minute workout.  I will get ready for summer.  Maybe I can go to Hawaii for nursing convention if I save enough money, and wear a cute bathing suit.  That can be my goal—get fit for July!  At least that is something I have control over.  I wish I can say the same for my teens.

Well, like all bad news, THESE too shall PASS.

And I will get fit by July.  You watch.

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